this is where it begins.


  Definitely not easy to start from the very first. So, lets start from the few days back.

  Decided to whatsapp somebody bcos apparently he just spilled my secret to his mom. In the end, I gave him mixed signals. Well, thats what Amirah told me. Haha. So thats bcos he said he cared. Not moved, but that layer of ice around my heart is starting to melt bit by bit. Not in love, but difinitely confused. Being 15 is seriously hard. Imagine once I hit 20++. Just imagine. Well, dont wanna imagine.

  So, have been away from school quite a while and some ppl are just pissing me off. I ask help for school work or help to bring back some notes and in the end you should noe what are the replies I got. I mean I am not angry with those who I didnt ask for help the day before but the ones that I remind days before. Now, I seriously cannot do my work. Sigh.

"walk away when you need to"

xx Jannah

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